Collected Poetry, Raw Dog Screaming Press

SuiPsalms is the follow up to Lawson’s first, acclaimed poetry collection,The Troublesome Amputee. Exploring the subject of suicide from all angles, this collection challenges pre-conceived notions and both poetry and suicide. Drawing on influences from Sylvia Plath to Ian Curtis this book is never quite what you expect.

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What they’re saying about SuiPsalms:
“Packed with a variety of texts that stretch the definition of poetry to the breaking point, SuiPsalms is honest from the beginning…In a standardized world, Lawson’s work is the equivalent of a juggling octopus jumping out of your morning coffee… While there is enough death and darkness to argue this is horror poetry, the book’s diversity makes classification impossible.”
—Gabino Iglesias for Black Heart Magazine

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