Of Flesh and Hunger

Ebook, fiction anthology edited by John Edward Lawson, Double Dragon Publishing, 2003

Editor John Edward Lawson welcomes you to a world where flesh-greed rules the day. He has assembled a host of writers who are committing the worst atrocities known to man…to paper. This anthology aims to go where no others have, beyond the “mouth of madness” or the “belly of the beast” and straight into the minds of cannibals. The subject matter alone is guaranteed to raise eyebrows even among readers who have had everything thrown at them.

Of Flesh and Hunger promises to be the most controversial anthology of the new millennium, shocking readers not only with its extreme subject matter but with the deft prose our authors specialize in. The stories are at turns surreal, comic, gory, drenched with atmosphere, and action-packed; one common thread is the unique take each author offers us, keeping the subject fresh for your consumption. Take a seat at the feast and put yourself at the mercy of flesh and hunger.

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What they’re saying about Of Flesh and Hunger

“Offering a taste of the funny, the unusual, and the downright horrifying, giving the reader a delightful feast for their brain to chew on…This is one read you’ll love to sink your eyes into and leave with that satisfactory feeling of fullness, yet ready for another menacing course.”
—Stephanie Simpson-Woods for Camp Horror

“I can recommend this eBook, because the stories are damn good. Just a few of the authors involved are Jeffrey Thomas, Kurt Newton, Scott Thomas, and Michael A. Arnzen, and a whole pack of writers I had never heard of before, but who turn in some damn fine efforts.”
—Weird Times: A Journal of Horror in the Arts

“Good material can quickly go to waste if the flow and pacing is flawed, or if the stories and their contrast/similarity of theme against chronological order is disregarded. In ‘Flesh and Hunger’, excellent editorial skills have circumvented those issues and kept the level of writing to a professional standard. The copy is free of apparent errors. The undertaking of an anthology of this size, electronic or print, is massive and out of the reach of most. Making a commitment to finding the writers, regardless of quality of submission, is difficult—considering the obscure and shunned subject matter of cannibalism. This topic material and the zest with which it is delivered to the reader reveals to me that there is an underground of cannibal authors.”
—The Dream People

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