Playing the Long Game

What happens when you find yourself confronted with a gatekeeper who doesn’t just have all the time in the world to stall you, but all the time in the universe? A former president of the United States finds himself in just this situation as a dog-headed being named Seth interrogates him for the Nth time.

Originally published in Fiction International this postmodern science fantasy explores the implications of cutting-edge technology on the afterlife with a dose of dry humor.

What People Say About Lawson’s Writing

“Read this book slowly to savor Lawson’s righteous anger and skillful comic buildup in a satire in the spirit of Jonathan Swift.”


“…would very likely appeal to fans of The World According to Garp, and it deserves that large and diverse audience.”

Somebody Dies

“From hereon forth, I will not be able to bring up Vonnegut without speaking of Lawson.”

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