Bibliophobia cover

After experimenting with form, humor, gore, and genre in his previous award-nominated collections, John Edward Lawson turns his eye to that which we have unreasoning fear of. The phobias we secretly harbor compel us to do horrible, inexplicable things. Bibliophobia explores each phobia in turn, translating what we know and love into a monstrous snare designed to haunt readers. Lawson brings African American insights to horror in this volume, turning away from Afrofuturism to shine a light on the dystopic black experience. HWA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Linda Addison says of Lawson’s verse: “Whimsical, strange, and unflinchingly true, Lawson’s work is always entertaining. Like coming home to unanswered screams, Lawson’s poems weave words into unforgettable songs of sweet darkness.”

[Note: the cover pictured here is merely a placeholder and the real cover, created by one of horror’s most well-loved cover artists, will be revealed soon!]

What People Say About Lawson’s Poetry

In a standardized world, Lawson’s work is the equivalent of a juggling octopus jumping out of your morning coffee.

Gabino Iglesias for Black Heart Magazine

Lawson is genuinely one of the best horror poets writing today.

The Swallow’s Tail

Any horror fan—even those who aren’’t into poetry——should check this one out.

Jeff Strand, author of Clowns vs. Spiders

Bibliophobia cover

A Child’s Guide to Death signed copy

Paperback edition of A Child's Guide to Death, signed by John Edward Lawson. Shipping included in the USA only.


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