A Child’s Guide to Death

An irreverent and illustrated look at the ABC’s of death featuring 26 ways to die, one for each letter of the alphabet. Every shocking entry is accompanied by an equally disturbing and stunning piece of art. A glossy 8.5″ by 8.5″ art book which introduces the child in each of us to new and creative ways to bite the bullet.

Now available for the first time in this collectable edition, A Child’s Guide to Death chills the hearts of a whole new generation! After spending years as a treasured tome in the memories of nostalgic and traumatized adults, this vintage great has been digitally restored and put back in print. This collaboration between John Edward Lawson, Dustin LaValley, M.G. Sullivan and illustrator Darin Malfi is absolutely NOT suitable for children!

Unlike some classics A Child’s Guide to Death not only ages, but also ends childhood in a single sitting! Because if you make a wish upon a star it doesn’t matter who you are…you’re still gonna die.


What People Say

It was a trip!

Edward Lee author of The Black Train

A must-have for anyone that is a fan of dark humor, weird books, or just twisted childhood-type things.

Dread Central

What an awesome idea…will shock the shit out of any unsuspecting person that stumbles on it.

I Can Smell Your Brains

A Child’s Guide to Dead signed copy

Paperback edition of A Child's Guide to Death, signed by John Edward Lawson. Shipping included in the USA only.


Have you read your ABCs of death today? Discover A Child’s Guide to Death and you will never be the same! #TwistedHumor