Lawson works in his writing journalWhen you are a writer every month is National Novel Writing Month.

When you are an author you spend every month negotiating, doing readings, sending submissions, doing book signings, working on correspondence with fans and peers, attending award ceremonies, editing, being interviewed, interviewing others, coordinating with your agent or publisher, being a panelist at conventions, reading and blurbing forthcoming books, judging contests, running workshops, speaking at schools, losing deals and events and scrambling to fill the void with another deal or event, fending off lawsuits or stalkers, updating a website and/or social media, and so forth. If you are ambitious you might try to maintain a home, family, and hygiene somewhere in the midst of all that.

Periodically an author needs to step back and just be a writer, because without new material the career trajectory as an author becomes dismal. I, for one, have a difficult time balancing all the things I need to do as a writer, an author, and a human being.

Bearing that in mind I will log in to this site daily and update my word count. You see, when my son was born back in 2005 I went into semi-retirement in order to raise him. I started making a comeback in 2012, but had to scale back again. Now in 2015 I’m declaring every month NaNoWriMo once again with a goal of writing a minimum of 50,000 words per month.

This is a public endeavor, so feel free to publicly heckle me, or publicly encourage my progress. Also: suggestions for what kind of work you want to read are always welcome.

* * *

Current project: Culture of Death, screenplay