Come With Me to…The Realm

Have you heard of the award-winning author named L. Marie Wood? She’s got a new novel about to drop just before Halloween. You can grab the pre-order at my Amazon affiliate link or keep reading for more info!

About the Book

You thought you were dead.

Waking up and looking all around you, you realize all you learned about The Afterlife was a fantasy. You don’t know where you are, but you do know it’s not a pleasant or suitable place. You need to run. Hard and fast.

Eventually, you meet others doomed to live in this terrifying Realm with you. Here are gathered the newly dead from all over the universe. A formidable race of giant beasts hunts them. The likes of which have never been seen by those in the living world. This place is like nothing you ever learned about in life — neither Heaven nor Hell, neither Purgatory nor Sheol.You encounter clusters of people huddled together for safety. You’re a lone wolf – they don’t trust you, nor you them. Perhaps with good reason.

Patrick is key to the future of The Realm. He must right old wrongs and fight against all the terrors it has in store. He must fight to save his family and, most importantly, all of his descendants. His revelations will impact the living world, as well as what comes next.

Patrick is the future of humanity.

Can he succeed?

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About the Author

L. Marie Wood is an award-winning author and screenwriter. She is the recipient of the Golden Stake Award for her novel The Promise Keeper and the Harold L. Brown Award for her screenplay Home Party. Her short story, “The Ever After” is part of the Bram Stoker Award Finalist anthology Sycorax’s Daughters. She was recognized in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Vol.15 and as one of the 100+ Black Women in Horror Fiction. Active in the horror community, Wood is an officer in Diverse Writers and Artists of Speculative Fiction (DWASF). For more, visit her website at Eric Battle has been a top-notch illustrator for over 20 years. Born and raised in Philadelphia, knew he wanted to draw comic books the first time he laid eyes on one. Brightly-colored with action-packed adventure…the comic book world was for him. After graduating from Philadelphia’s University of the Arts, Eric got his start doing pen & ink illustrations for the Philadelphia Inquirer and other city papers. From there, Eric went on to do interactive exhibits and displays at the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum, children’s books, horror books and, of course, comic books.