Poetry Series: The Troublesome Amputee by John Edward Lawson

Check out this new review of my fourth poetry collection, The Troublesome Amputee!

Brennan LaFaro

I’m still new to the poetry scene and Raw Dog Screaming has been a beacon of light helping me navigate the waters. John Edward Lawson’s 2006 collection, The Troublesome Amputee, doesn’t quite fit with any poetry I’ve read or reviewed before. To be fair, if the title and cover art didn’t get across the possibilities for what you’re about to immerse yourself in, Michael Arnzen’s introduction would likely do the trick.

The pieces in Lawson’s collection comes in all shapes and sizes, categorized mainly as dark poetry that employs some more traditional aspects, but also gets experimental in other places. The Troublesome Amputee even has limericks. I read between five and ten poems a day as I took my time wading through this collection, and quickly found that each day, each exploration held something new for me.

A reader might find themselves enveloped in social commentary. Turn the page. Grisly…

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