Dark & Fantastic Art Giveaway and December Events

My behavior online has probably been confusing since midsummer. I’ve always dabbled in photography, especially as part of my social media presence, and in recent years I’ve been open about my enrollment in photography courses, and tested public opinion about whether people would want photography products from me. Then when I finally launched a photography art store this summer I stopped posting new pics, didn’t update or link to the store, and stopped talking about photography in general.

The good news: I’m making new packages available, offering steep discounts, and back to promoting my photography regularly! In fact I’ve just launched a giveaway for the featured photo on this page, “A Portrait of New Orleans Under Darkness,” and written up a blog on my photography site about how the giveaway works. I’ll give you the links in a moment. But first, an explanation about why things have gone this way.

The bad news: although public support on social media was outstanding when I launched the store, somebody who has known me for decades said things behind the scenes that nearly convinced me to give up. I was told:

  • This photography thing is a waste of my money and effort…
  • Nobody will buy it…
  • I won’t stick with it so it’s pointless…
  • My work is good, but not good enough for this…
  • And much more.

In the past I’ve given credence to this kind of browbeating and derailed my efforts because of it, whether the pursuit involved was related to music, photography, my writing, or even traditional employment. But you know what? I’m going to stick it out. The response I’ve received from everyone else around the world convinces me what I’m doing can have value for the community, so I’ll try to deliver more of it.

This is the first time in months I’ve updated the photo galleries, other than to add pictures based on specific requests received via social media. I’m excited, and grateful, about having this chance to share more work with you.

For the giveaway post at my photography site, with the discount code, please visit https://johnlawson.zenfolio.com/blog/2019/11/grim-fantastic-photo-art-giveaway-and-coupon

You can find the full giveaway rules at https://johnlawson.org/sweepstakes/grim-fantastic-sweepstakes-official-rules/

Enter the giveaway directly at https://allaccesscon.sociamonials.com/limited-entry-giveaway/c5282/ — and get extra entries using the sharing buttons!

Now that the contest is out of the way, let’s get you into some fun events with the info below…

“Solitude Doesn’t Have to Mean Desolation” taken at Broadkill Beach ©2019

Your December Events Schedule

We’re doing a series of beta tests for our AllAccessCon online event system, and an in-person writing retreat. The first two, an ethics webinar and a broadcast from our November writing retreat, were successful and provided excellent firsthand knowledge of operating our event system. Here all the details for our next two:

This Wednesday December 4 at 1 p.m. you can tune in for the next ethics in publishing webinar for a discussion of the industry’s culture of harassment at https://www.hopin.to/events/sweeping-a-body-under-the-rug-and-then-complaining-about-tripping-harassment-in-the-publishing-industry This is a FREE event. If anybody is interested in joining me live onscreen, or with a prerecorded video, or by contributing unattributed anonymous quotes about their own experiences via email or direct message, please contact me privately. Thanks!

Then, from Friday December 13 through Sunday December 15 come to the beach with us! You can participate in the Broadkill Writers Resort December writing retreat in person on online. This month we’ll be expand our focus from just writing productivity to include short stories, how to get an agent, and what the traditional publishing experience is like. This is a paid event. Here’s how to be part of it, and what you get for your money:

In person: Amenities include breakfast, snacks, beverages, all downloads available to online attendees, access to online sessions and recordings, extensive library of books and videos, shared kitchen, pristine and inspiring environment in protected nature reserve area, round-the-clock access to on-site Broadkill instructor John Edward Lawson, and plenty of free writing time. Two rooms are still available at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/broadkill-writers-resort-december-retreat-tickets-78910827409

Online: basic retreat membership is $47 for the weekend, and VIP membership is $97. All members receive productivity planners, access to presentations on writing and publicity, networking opportunities, participation in “ask me anything” sessions, and access to our vendors in the online expo area. VIP members will have permanent access to session recordings and receive our bundle of nonfiction guides to writing, genre, and life as an author (Architectures of Possibility by Lance Olsen and Trevor Dodge, Horror Isn’t a 4-Letter Word by Matthew Warner, How to Read by Eckhard Gerdes, Monstrous Creatures by Jeff VanderMeer). Special guest speakers to be announced. Tickets are available at https://www.hopin.to/events/broadkill-writers-resort-december-retreat

Reminder: those who contribute to our AllAccessCon campaign receive either basic or VIP membership FOR LIFE, depending on their contribution level, for all of our public online events (notwithstanding restrictions on certain online events operated in conjunction with business partners). That includes the events listed above! To learn more about AllAccessCon, or contribute to the campaign, visit http://bit.ly/allaccesscon

AllAccessCon became fully funded in just 12 days, and the campaign is still going strong toward our new goal of an additional $16,000. We’ve also got big announcements in the works for our first live conference event partner, so stay tuned! Until then we hope to see you at our AllAccessCon beta events.

“Darkness Rolling in Over the Wetlands” taken at Broadkill Beach ©2019