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Hey gang, I’m back with an unexpected announcement.

No, it’s nothing bad. In fact it’s good in a big way! I launched a surprise crowdfunding campaign which goes beyond the publishing industry. In just day the campaign is already achieving goals that will make an impact on communities around the world.

Before we discuss that project, though, there’s another important campaign that has entered its final 24 hours: HEADLANDS is a series of short films for an anxious world, developed by some of Aotearoa’s inspiring new film makers in partnership with writers who have lived experience of anxiety. Forty-seven percent of New Zealanders will personally experience mental illness or distress in their lifetime, so this is a significant opportunity to shift perceptions and build community around mental wellbeing. We invite you to support Team HEADLANDS, enabling the film makers and writers to work on treatments and scripts so that the films are ready to go into production next year.

Please visit and give them the support they need.

The Body Shop is a match donor for HEADLANDS. They will match your contributions up to the value of $7500.

Donations qualify for a tax credit. NZ income earners qualify for a 33% tax credit on their donations from the IRD with a receipt automatically provided by The Arts Foundation (as The Arts Foundation is a registered charity) for any donation made.

On top of that, if you’re in the United States, your dollars will go one third further. The HEADLANDS project came to my attention through Lee Murray, the most awarded author of speculative fiction in New Zealand. She is one of the writers who will be featured in the project. A lot of you know Lee from interactions on social media. Please consider supporting her, and everybody else associated with the HEADLANDS project at


For the last four years I’ve had a goal of branching into running online events that mirror in-person events, from conventions to workshops to trade shows or networking events or academic conferences and beyond. Something virtual but with vendors and speakers and interaction and sponsors, like you would expect to find in a convention center.

This last week the chance to acquire a tech platform capable of handing all that came up, but the pricing plan we can afford it at goes away tomorrow. It’s almost in reach, but considering that time frame I turned to crowdfunding to make it happen. Last night, just before midnight, we went live with AllAccessCon on Indiegogo.

Sci-Fi and Scary: Sci-Fi and Horror Reviews, News, and More gives a detailed overview of the campaign at In it the site founders, Lilyn and Gracie, give opinions on why AllAccessCon has appeal, and what role it can play in the scene. They were generous enough to give me the chance to add some context for how I came to organize the campaign.

Please take a moment to read the Sci-Fi and Scary article, then consider contributing to AllAccessCon or sharing it with others. Thank you!

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