Invading Atlanta

I have the pleasure of participating in the inaugural Multiverse convention! The team is loaded with people I know and admire, who have been involved in other successful and major events in the past. Here’s their statement from

WHO ARE WE? We’re a community of science fiction & fantasy fans who love to get together with our friends and nerd out over the things we love. We love great stories: stories of the supernatural, the fantastic, the futuristic, the heroic and weird and wonderful. Science fiction, comics, fantasy fiction, games, fantastical art, horror fiction, steampunk – great stories come in all forms, and at Multiverse, we celebrate them all!

WHY DO WE DO THIS? Because great stories don’t only come from books and comics. Every fan is their own universe with their own unique story to tell, and added together, those stories make up the Multiverse of fandom. We created Multiverse Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention to bring fans together for a weekend of geeky fun in a place where everyone is welcomed, respected, and appreciated. We hope you’ll join us!

First things first: check out the Multiverse online store to download your FREE mobile wallpaper at!

Done that? Okay! On to the various opportunities for you to connect with me in Atlanta. In addition to lurking in various public spaces you can count on me being at:

Flash Your Fiction: How Short Can You Go?
(Friday October 18, 5:30-6:30 p.m. Sinclair Amphitheater)
Don’t know what flash fiction is? You’re about to find out! We’ll spend a few minutes talking about what flash fiction is and isn’t, markets for flash fiction, and how to do it well. Then you get to give our panelists topics, characters, and conflicts and they’ll keep you entertained with flash fiction on the spot! Featuring Robby Hilliard, John Edward Lawson, Melissa McArthur, and James Nettles

The Virtue of Villains
(Friday October 18 10:00-11:00 p.m. Harding)
Who is your favorite villain? A member of the Forsaken? Ring Wraiths? Voldemort? Killmonger? Let talk about villains in fantasy. What makes a good villain? Have you ever rooted for one? What do you love or hate in a fantasy villain? Featuring Dana Cameron, Preeti Chhibber, John G. Hartness, and John Edward Lawson.

Digital Immortality
(Saturday October 19 11:30-12:30 p.m. Rabun)
Artificial intelligence. Biotech hackers. Cybernetic organisms. Digital immortality. Exocortex systems. First contact. Galactic empires. Hive minds. Interstellar travel. Whew! There’s SO MUCH to talk about in science fiction, we can’t fit it all into one weekend…but we’re going to try! Featuring Milton J. Davis, Scott Hawkins, John Edward Lawson, Havana Nguyen, and Alyse Steves.

Publishing Q&A
(Saturday October 19 10:00-11:00 a.m. Sinclair Amphitheater):
Confused about whether to submit to traditional publishers or indie pub your own work? Unsure how publishing works? Have questions about how to be a successful indie author? This is an open Q&A with publishers and authors designed to get your questions answered! Featuring John G. Hartness, John Edward Lawson, Catherine Lundoff, Terry Maggert, Margaret S. McGraw, and Christopher Morgan.

Not Just Zombies presentation by John Edward Lawson
Zombies as a Racial Proxy: From Xenophobia to an Egalitarian Apocalypse
(Saturday October 19 4:00-5:00 p.m. Lanier)
Citing specific works of art, criticism, and fan reactions I will track not only how zombies became used as a proxy for non-whites in film, games, and books — permitting a colonizer worldview to stealthily flourish over the last five decades — I will explore the various ways in which the zombie genre informs and is informed by nationalist tendencies post-9/11. The various racial menaces central to cinema throughout the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s did not die…not completely. They are undead and shambling through mainstream entertainment with the same unspoken tribal coordination and covetousness of white life and/or property as ever.

Pushing the Envelope: Religion, Politics, and More in Horror Fiction
(Sunday October 20 1:00-2:00 p.m. Ogeechee)
A discussion on how horror can be used as a tool for change. Is there such a thing as a strategic antagonist? How do you like your horror? Does mixing social context with your fiction work for you? Featuring Tiara Janté, Valjeanne Jeffers, John Edward Lawson, and E.J. Stevens.

If you haven’t gotten tickets yet you can still purchase them here: I look forward to seeing you there!

Dining at Agave in Lewes with the Broadkill Writers Resort group

Another group was hanging out with me at a writers retreat this past weekend. I’ve spent the past few days at the Broadkill Writers Resort with authors, editors, and publishers of magic realism, science fiction adventure, and feminist speculative fiction.

Many thanks to Jason Jack Miller and Heidi Ruby Miller for capturing me in my natural environment! If you look hard you can catch me foraging along Delaware Bay…but only at the best places, like Agave restaurant in Lewes.

If you join us for artist retreats at Broadkill Writers Resort we provide breakfast, snacks, beverages, and help plan excursions. Nature supplies the pristine nature preserve and beach surrounding the property. All you have to do is join us and supply the creativity.

We have several more retreats scheduled. Want to know how to get involved? Send me an email at john (at) or leave a comment for details!

Author Lee Murray

Speaking of hanging out with authors…I’m lucky to know a few around the world, and would like to connect you with them. What if New Zealand’s most awarded speculative fiction author, Lee Murray, were to visit the United States? I’m fielding ideas or offers for events Lee could take part in. As both and author and editor Lee specializes in the subjects of science fiction, fantasy, and horror for adults and middle grade readers.

If you’re not familiar with her work now is a good time to become acquainted with her. The first two entries in Lee’s Path of Ra trilogy we’ve published at Raw Dog Screaming Press, co-authored with Dan Rabarts, are available for a discount while supplies last! Grab Hounds of the Underworld at and Teeth of the Wolf for just $4.90 at! These supernatural thrillers are perfect for the Halloween season.

The above are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small portion of whatever purchases are made after people click through those links.

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In my next update watch for a review of my fiction, more about my photography, music updates, and maybe a contest.