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Recent Podcasts About Fiction and Representation of Marginalized Groups

At the recent CapClave science fiction and fantasy convention I was part numerous programing items, including the Future of Afrofuturism discussion. You might be familiar with some of the other panelists: K. Ceres Wright, Kenesha Williams, L.H Moore, Shirin Nicole, B. Sharise Moore. It turned out Sherin is part of the Geek Girl Riot team and recorded the panel for their podcast, which just aired last week. Please give our exploration of trends in Afrofuturism a listen at https://idobi.com/podcast/136-chilling-adventures-of-sabrina-afrofurism-panel-pamu-scroll-review/.

Have thoughts about Afrofuturism? I, and the other panelists, would love to hear about it in the comments section. And while I love Afrofuturism I’m happy to say Geek Girl Riot is not the only podcast I appear on here.

Headshot_2DjangoConOver the summer I was privileged to meet some people shaking things up in tech. One of them happens to be and I am on her latest #CauseAScene podcast talking about white supremacy, patriarchy, and how their adherents cheat to control all public narratives.

The set up for my discussion with Kim is this two-part examination of extremists perfecting their manipulation of voting and polls in fandom leading up to the 2016 election, featuring Shireen Mitchel and


White supremacists and male supremacists have been organizing for years to shape society by controlling what we see and hear. There’s been a struggle in literature surrounding this. See how it played out in TV first:


I advocate for representing people as they exist in the world throughout all forms of art. It is a boots-on-the-ground struggle. The Nazis and MRAs are trying to pack literary conventions and awards with their people, and I’m working to counter that.

There are editors and authors working behind the scenes to shut down marginalized groups in publishing too. Because authors have day jobs writing all the online and offline advertising, speeches, articles, textbooks, corporate policies, etc. They shape what we view of the world, and how that view is interpreted.

Bearing all that in mind we only just began our conversation in this episode, but you can catch it at https://hashtagcauseascene.com/john-edward-lawson/ and hopefully engage Kim and I with your thoughts on continuing the discussion, and the necessary work stemming from it.

The episode I’m on includes links to resources mentioned in the show. If you want to help us face down these problems, and more, please explore the links. Also please do check out the deep backlist of podcasts archived at https://hashtagcauseascene.com/thanks!


dwasflogoYou’ll find that on the #CauseAScene podcast we discuss the unfolding Chuck Wendig debacle, where bots where weaponized over a short number of days to convince Disney to fire him as writer of their Star Wars novelizations and comic books.

One person we don’t talk about much is the grandfather of weird fiction, H.P. Lovecraft, and his racism/racist supporters. Jump into the way-back machine with me to revisit my most popular blog post ever, republished this week over at Diverse Writers and Artists of Speculative Fiction, Racism Wasn’t Lovecraft’s Problem.

It includes details about one of the times white supremacists vowed to kill me when I was a child, so it’s really fun reading. More importantly it touches on the struggle several years ago between white supremacy apologists and all other humans regarding the World Fantasy Award, which figures in setting the stage for battles currently being waged in the fiction scene. Including, but not limited to, the Star Wars fandom.