Bare-Knuckle Fistfight This Sunday

battle1jacket.inddBook Launch for Battle Without Honor or Humanity & Fringe Fiction Forum
Hosted by Farley’s Bookshop, 44 S Main St, New Hope, PA 18938
About an hour drive north from Philadelphia
Time: 3:00 p.m. • Cost: FREE
D. Harlan Wilson will be on hand to sign books from 3-5, then there will be short story readings from Wilson, John Edward Lawson, Jessica McHugh, Joseph Bouthiette Jr, Josh Myers, William Pauley III, Cristoph Paul, and Leza Cantoral. And afterwards the authors will have a panel discussion on the Future of Fringe Fiction.

What they’re saying about Battle Without Honor or Humanity:

AUTHORS-DHarlanWilson“In this volume of testosterone-fueled and intentionally disorienting short fiction, Wilson invokes not a dialogue with the reader but a bare-knuckle fistfight. The dizzying journey through a violent capitalist nightmare is braved without aid of plot. Immediacy is prioritized over comprehension; personality is elevated above characters. As frantic and sharp-edged as an unexpected drug dream, these tales and their subjects are at once fascinating and horrifying.” —Publishers Weekly
“D. Harlan Wilson moves so fast he strips his labels.” –Steve Aylett, author of Lint, Slaughtermatic and Novahead

“D. Harlan Wilson is a top chef in the fast-paced test kitchen of language. In Battle without Honor or Humanity, his cutting board-u-copra includes, to name but a few ingredients, the cinematic eye, naked lunch scraps, New York school echoes (poetry and/or painting, take your pick), the sweet science soured, literary theory gone off the rails, and, yes, the Kennedys. The joy is in the cooking.” –Peter Cherches, author of Lift Your Right Arm

“Each story in this wonderful collection goes right for the vitals as Wilson uses his savage pen and his serrated wit to carve up the soft white underbellies of language and life.” –Eckhard Gerdes, author of How to Read and editor of Journal of Experimental Fiction