I am Officially a “Hot Author”

Yesterday the Top 15 Small Press Studs list was published by Mandy De Sandra, and I was surprised to find myself included. More importantly than that I found myself in the company of some great authors. You should check them all out here: http://lezacantoral.tumblr.com/post/131040238926/top-15-small-press-studs-by-mandy-de-sandra.

Want to test my sexiness? Try my unusual erotic fiction collection Paramourn, which received honorable mention from the Wonderland Awards this year: http://www.amazon.com/Paramourn-Unfortunate-John-Edward-Lawson-ebook/dp/B00O9C9AIS/. In the words of one reader, “This book was insane! I have not read anything like this before. The characters, situations and elements in the stories are twisted into combinations that I could never have foreseen coming together as part of any sexual act. What often began as relatively normal often became mindblowingly strange. The writing was cerebral, visceral, yet totally entertaining.”