Why Outreach Becomes Surrender (From The Crumbling Mansions)

I can’t believe this happened …

Today, I would like to talk about an incident I had while doing outreach work for the homeless (that is, giving out food, water, hygiene kits, and other essentials).

I’m going to describe why outreach becomes surrender.

Everything was going well. We were passing out the food to people in need (burritos with tin foil covering them, to keep them hot), and getting to know the homeless folk. We were being kind, considerate, compassionate. We were distributing our resources and the resources of others, as well as spending our own time.

In other words: we were making the attempt to reach out to others. We were attempting to help those in need.

And then, suddenly, all of that changed.

The groups (which were supposed to be separate but started to unwittingly congregate …) started to cluster, causing a kind of traffic jam.

I was…

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