Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards

Individual artists are making a difference in communities across Ohio every day. They illuminate community identity and help us understand and imagine our lives in new ways. Our lives are richer and more remarkable because of the contribution of artists to the social, physical, economic and spiritual fabric of our neighborhoods and towns. The presence of artists in a particular place is a strong indicator of cultural vitality. Businesses, new and old alike, need places where work and play come together in creative and dynamic ways. Artists living and working in a community affect the extent to which arts and culture are integrated into the schools and the number of non-profit arts organizations, theatres, art classes, galleries, and venues for live music in that community.

The Ohio Arts Council (OAC) provides voice and leadership through the arts to build vibrant, creative communities throughout Ohio and the support of individual artists is central to the fulfillment of this vision. The OAC has developed grant programs and services to provide funding and resources that help to sustain individual artists from all disciplines and ensure that the creative contribution by arts professionals remains a vital part of community life across Ohio.

The principal funding program for individual artists in is through the Individual Excellence Awards, which provide grants to creative artists for an exceptional body of work. Traditional master artists and apprentices are supported through the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program. Project funding is available for artists living in counties along the Ohio River through the Ohio River Border Initiative, and for artists with disabilities through the Artists with Disabilities Access program. Individual artists receive commissions through the Percent for Art program administered by the OAC. In addition to grants, the OAC provides a wide range of resources and services that help individual artists as they make important contributions to life in communities across the state including the Ohio Artists on Tour Directory and the Arts Learning Artist Directory.

As Ohio continues to evolve, artists have a significant role to play. Now more than ever, creativity and innovation are pivotal to our state’s ability to compete in the global marketplace. It will take skill and vision to release the potential of our people, communities, and state. Individual artists offer a doorway to the imagination and are the key to the expression of who we are and what we might become. The OAC seeks to be the catalyst to unlock our potential and support individual artists as they reflect our rich past and the promise of the future.

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