New Fiction Market: Shattered Prism

Below are the guidelines for Shattered Prism, a pro market which has just launched. More information is available at

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We are looking for original science fiction and fantasy or any story that falls under the umbrella term of “speculative fiction”. Submissions should follow the Standard Manuscript Format. Manuscripts may be submitted as .RTF or .Doc files. We will consider reprints as long as the author retains the rights to the work being submitted.

SHATTERED PRISM is published twice a year, in May and November. Submissions will be open twice a year. Submissions for the November issue shall open the second week of August. Submissions for the May issue shall open the second week of February. 

When emailing submissions, please include the following in your subject line:
FICTION SUB: “Your Story Title”

Email submissions to

Please do not submit more than one work during the submission period. No simultaneous submissions. Any stories received outside the stated submissions periods will be deleted unread.

Payment: 6 cents a word for original fiction, as per SFWA guidelines. Reprints are paid at 2 cents a word.

Length: We prefer stories from 1500 to 5500 words. We may consider longer works, depending on space.

Cover letters: Please keep these short. Do not tell us the plot of your story. Introduce yourself briefly and list any publishing credits. Let your story speak for itself.

Rejections/Response Times: We aim to keep response times to within a month, but it may sometimes take a little longer, depending on submissions.

Please be aware that if we reject your story, we cannot offer personalized feedback. If we do reject your story it is not a reflection on you or your work. We reject stories for any number of reasons.