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Taipei Artist Village

Artist-in-Residence Taipei is managed by the Department of AIR, Taipei Culture Foundation and operates in two places, Taipei Artist Village and Treasure Hill Artist Village.

Secluded by a serene garden, with vibrant Taipei City as a backdrop for creativity, Taipei Artist Village provides freedom and opportunity for innovation in the making of visual art, music, literature, and performance art and fosters artistic and cultural exchange between Taiwan and the rest of the world.

Based on the concept of “symbiosis”, Treasure Hill Artist Village is dedicated to planting the roots of artistry at the local level, forming a setting where the environment, art and community converse, and providing artists with a space for living and working that is integrated with concern for society.


Taipei: Taiwan

Taipei Artist Village is conveniently located at the hub of Taipei’s business and government districts. The 1,650-square-meter site and 4-story building are in the heart of Taipei City. Treasure Hill Artist Village is located in Taipei City’s first official historical settlement.


  • Residency Length: 8-12 weeks
  • Average number of artists in residence at a time: 10
  • Number of artists accepted in most recent year: 50
  • Total applicant pool in most current year: 500


  • Application type: Open application
  • Collaboration: May apply as a team
  • Geography: Open to US artists, Open to non-US artists
  • Additional eligibility information:

    Artists-in-residence must be able to converse in English. Students are not eligible to apply.

  • Application deadline: June 04
  • Application Ongoing: Yes

Past Residents & Quotes

The facility, location, and staff resources of the Taipei Artist Village have exceeded my expectations. As an international residency program, it is rich with opportunities to meet and engage with artists of all disciplines and backgrounds. It is a self-contained creative pocket alive within the incredibly fascinating world of downtown Taipei.
— Anthony Luensman
The Taipei Artist Village provides an artist-led space where pioneering artists in all disciplines — visual, literary, musical, film/video/photography, performing and interdisciplinary — from throughout Taiwan and the world are brought together. The artists drawn to TAV share what is unique from their cultures and experiences, playing a crucial role in enhancing the beauty and grandeur of Taipei city.

Facilities & Services

  • Housing: Private housing (individual apartment/cabin/house)
  • Meals: No meals/food provided
  • Computer/internet access: Computer and internet connection provided in common area (shared), Wireless Internet, Ethernet provided in living or studio area
  • Companions: Spouses/partners allowed for full stay
    additional charges for Spouses/partners and children
  • Accessibility: housing/grounds/studios are accessible
  • Studios/special equipment: Dance / Choreography, Digital media, Exhibition / Installation, Music studio (non-recording), Painting, Photography (digital), Photography (non-digital), Theater

Stipends / other support

TAV/THAV provide housing, studios, program administration, travel assistance, materials stipend depending on application.

Additional expectations / opportunities

TAV and THAV are given the opportunity to participate in public exhibitions/presentations, artist talks, workshops, open studios, field trips, curator visits.

Contact Information

No. 7 Beiping East Road
Taipei, 100
Tel: 886 2-33-937-377