Truth in Ruins by John Edward Lawson

Race Relations in the Arts and Politics Magazine has posted a detailed review of my collection Truth in Ruins. Definitely worth a read.

The R.R.A.P. Magazine

So this was my first experience with the genre known as bizarro fiction.  If I had to pull out a meaning of bizarro fiction from this anthology I would say that it’s a genre which laughs and revels at its own ridiculousness all the while smacking you in the face with some powerful, universal truths.  The stories in this collection require to leave your sense of normality at the door and be ready to have any and everything thrown at you.  These stories take your expectations of normality and punch them in the face, which is a good thing.  As a reader and aspiring writer, I look to be challenged and to be shown different ways of thinking.  This anthology is that and more.

Even with its bizarro elements, the anthology did keep to a certain theme of death and destruction.  It shows the world time and time again in…

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