El Gallo Rojo / the red rooster

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Cura Malal town is located in the west of Coronel Suárez area, 24 km. from the main city, nearby the Cura Malal Grande stream, 3 km. from highway 67. Cura Malal is the araucano name that means “stone corral” The town was founded on the 17th of September of 1905, originally with 48 acres given by Eduardo Casey.

The 2010 census resulted in 94 people, only a 6% of the almost 1500 that lived at the beginning of the 20th century, many of them related to the two small farms of the town, La Curamalán and La Cascada.


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Once the residency ends, the artist may decide if he wants to exhibit his artistic production while he stayed, this to take place at Cura Malal’s La Tranca.
up to a max of 20 days
Paid by artist
The residence has a daily fee of u$30.- for expenses and maintenance of the project.
Application guidelines 

All artists interested in participating must email us their personal C.V., a minimum of 10 images of their works, and a brief description of their project, as well as detailing the reasons of their interest to participate. Some of this documentation will be featured on our website, in order to promote the resident artist.

Artists may apply any time of the year, and there’s no strict selection of the projects; the only reason why Corral de Piedra asks for information is only to get to know the projects better.



Many artists tend to create their works being alone. The fact of being disconnected from their environment, which leads to eventual introspection, favors the best expression of their skills, allowing them to get the best. Their best insulation lays outside of their daily lives, then allowing them to disconnect and focus exclusively on their work. Prairies, water streams, trees and stones become the best place for an experience that proposes an interchange between artistic procedures and general activities in this area.

In early 2012, Corral de Piedra launched a rural artistic residency under the name of “El Gallo Rojo”. This residence is open to artists of any age, countries and disciplines: theater, dances, artistic performances, visual arts, video, cinema, photography, literature, music, landscaping and other assorted media.

The residence is open to 1-3 artists, individually or a group of them, which could last for three days to a whole week, according to what the resident artist wants.

Find here the full description of El Gallo Rojo (.pdf).

Accomodation Information

This features a bedroom with 3 beds, a private bathroom, a kitchen, a barbecue stove and a desk, all looking at the land outside. Two bikes are also included, WiFi connection, and a radio/CD player.

“Corral de Piedra”,
El Aromo y El Fresno
7548 Cura Malal Buenos Aires



54 02923 496110

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