World Horror Convention Schedule

WHC15The programming for WHC 2015 was finalized over the weekend. My schedule for the convention is pasted below. Five or six other members of Raw Dog Screaming Press will be on hand for the event as well; the full schedule for all RDSP attendees should be online soon at the RDSP site. An RDSP party Friday night is rumored as well.


We Are Bizarro! Beating on the Bongos and Scraping the Viscera of Horror’s Zaniest Subgenre – SARNATH
Come and learn about the genre of all that is squishy, psychedelic, and weird with authors and editors from the controversial and outrageous bizarro genre.
Moderator: Jeff Burk. Panelists: David W. Barbee, John Boden, Nikki Guerlain, John Edward Lawson, John Skipp

1-2 PM
Different Visions: African-American Spec-Lit From Afro-Futurism to Beloved – SARNATH
Some of the most exciting spec-lit today is coming from multicultural viewpoints, including dynamic works by African-American authors. Anyone following the latest debates in SF/F/H knows that diversity also has become a controversial topic. This panel will explore horror and spec-lit in general as envisioned through the lens of the African-American experience from slavery to the Civil Rights Movement to the first black president And shouldn’t Toni Morrison’s Beloved be on any list of the top horror novels of the 20th Century?
Moderator: Balogun Ojetade. Panelists: Jeff Carroll, Gerald Coleman, Crystal Connor, Craig Laurence Gidney, John Edward Lawson

4-5 PM
Shelf Life: Terrifying Top Trends in Specialty Press Publishing – R’LYEH
While many feared that eBooks would scare readers away from print, horror collectors are keeping the limited edition alive. Our panel of some of the most vibrant specialty press publishers talks about the latest trends and hard realities in this niche market. as well as what’s hot and what’s not in both new works and classic reprints/discoveries. What’s different that writers need to know when pitching to the small press as opposed to larger publishers?
Moderator: John Edward Lawson. Panelists: Sunni Brock, Jeff Burk, Sabrina Kaleta, Chris Morey, Scott Woodward

MASS AUTHOR SIGNING – free to the public!
This traditional WHC event will take place Friday, May 8 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. in The Barrens, the place outside the main panel rooms and Dealers Room. World Horror Con 2015 is pleased to announce that our official bookseller is Eagle Eye Book Shop ( They will have many of the authors’ books on hand, and we encourage you to patronize them! You may also bring in your own books or purchase books directly from authors who are selling them.


1-2 PM
Pushing the Diaspora Darkly: Horror from Multicultural Perspectives – SARNATH
In this centerpiece panel in our WORLDHORROR theme, we take on diversity and an emerging global view of spec-lit and horror as it moves into the 21st century with a new generation of writers from different cultural backgrounds. How are these writers redefining what we consider horror both on American soil and abroad? How can the lens of a global perspective inform and push us to reassess our interpretation of works that have come before, and should it?
Moderator: Edward Austin Hall. Panelists: Jesse Bullington, Chesya Burke, Crystal Connor, Stephen Graham-Jones, Nicole Givens Kurtz, John Edward Lawson, Usman T. Malik