Below are some of the pre-orders for books from Dog Star Books, Raw Dog Screaming Press, and my own books as well. I have included updated links–such as the Kindle edition of On Silent Nights, which only went up yesterday–and discount codes where applicable. Also: don’t forget this is the final day of voting in our Readers Choice Award poll at!

Indelible Ink (SHIPPING IN JULY)

IndelibleinkIt’s What’s Inside That Counts

Something lurks inside Deena Riordan. She never once questioned her life in the criminal underworld as the star of Mr. Marsh’s illegal empire and his youngest assassin. Her ruthless demeanor and dark magical powers have kept her at the top of the heap for years. But one day she pushes the sorcery too far and something snaps. Only then does Deena realize she’s always been a puppet of that dark power with no true will of her own.

Now, in order to get out of the crime business for good, she needs to save her sister from Marsh’s angry clutches. It won’t be easy. She’ll have to make her way through friends turned foes, dodge determined federal agents, and stay out of a particularly stubborn fellow hitman’s sights. Worst of all, Deena will have to wrestle with the darkness inside to keep it from swallowing her up again.

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On Quiet Nights (SHIPPING IN JUNE)

On Quite Nights book coverThere’s a place inside us that is cloaked in darkness, rubbed raw with silence. It’s a shadow wrapped in a shadow and it screams, but it screams in harsh whispers. This collection explores the blackness within, the gritty underground that hides inside memories and cowers just outside fear. The poems, paired with illustrations from Matthias Matthies work in sync to create a collage of blunt sexuality, masochistic, and sometimes sadistic recollections of love, reflection, and self-exploration.

Lindemann paints pictures with his poems, a slave to the vulnerability and sexuality that drives mankind. His words themselves are body modifications that settle on readers, piercing then slowly penetrating and pumping his audience full with a mix of pleasure and pain. A combination of longing, emotional depth, and bestial intuition, these pieces evoke an innate nature to seek pleasure, to ask for forgiveness, to instill blame.

On Quiet Nights pulls back the curtains at night and asks readers to think about who they are. Lindemann holds a mirror to soul, capturing desire and need, with the courage to answer some of life’s biggest questions: Who am I? What am I? Why am I?

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Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances (SHIPPING IN APRIL)

ParamournCoverWhy are bad choices so tempting? This short story collection explores the dark side of romance, twisting through bizarro alleyways and diving into the dumpsters of horror, science fiction, and fantasy in search of the answer. Although 23 of the stories within were previously published the remainder were deemed too literary for erotic publications, and too erotic for release elsewhere. The paperback edition is exclusive to this shop and unavailable elsewhere online.

For a limited time use the discount code OS4KN790X11M to receive a 10% discount on Paramourn.

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Wholesome Terror: Lawfully Combative Verse (SHIPPING IN APRIL)

Wholesome Terror coverThe sheer terror of hope has been dissected and repackaged as standard rhymes, experimental verse, and other poetic forms in order to rendition the reader blissfully numb. These are poems that contain elements of eroticism, satire, political commentary, and horror wherein the reader need not wonder how many times can Lady Lazarus be resurrected after waterboarding, because they find themselves acting as her proxy in this endeavor. Wholesome Terror is a savage, hydrophobic dog of a book curled up with the reader’s throat comfortably within reach. The paperback edition is exclusive to this store and unavailable elsewhere online.

For a limited time use the discount code UC0AWGDXLVPK to receive a 10% discount on Wholesome Terror.

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