Bro Call, or: Venus Needs Men!

Pulp cover style RDSP retreat infoAbove is a handy visual guide to the crucial info for our upcoming writers retreat. Please do share this image far and wide so that we can give everyone a chance to participate in our weekend of physics-defying awesomeness. Your help is seriously appreciated.

In other news, it seems as though all the men originally interested in rooms have dropped out of the retreat, leaving it all women authors & editors. Sure, I’ll be there, but since I’m cooking, cleaning, making runs to the store, and keeping things on track behind the scenes I just kinda count as part of the furniture.

So, in the interest of keeping this opportunity for authors balanced I, for the first time, am wondering where my dawgs at? Can I get some brothas on board? Come on fellows, we need you to represent! If you are unsure what to expect just visit these wonderful recaps here and at Does it look worthwhile? Right on! Contact to secure a room.

Or, perhaps you women out there want to buy up all the real estate and ensure this is a women-only writers retreat? If so just email to get a room and lock the boys out.

A note on the graphic: Bill Hamilton, ever astute in web-based strangeness, alerted me to Explore its features on your own, and rejoice.