Help Me Teach Diversity in Fiction!

Lawson addressing Seton Hill University
The Thermodynamics of Publishing address at Seton Hill University

I have been invited to submit a proposal for speaking on diversity in fiction at a writing workshop this summer. The workshop is hosted by an MFA program at a university where I’ve spoken twice previously on other aspects of the publishing industry.

As I sat down to work on the proposal it struck me I have participated in a lot of diversity related panels at conventions. One thing that wears on you after a dozen years of being on the convention circuit is how most conventions host similar panels, and on those panels similar items pop up. Over and over again.

So I thought to myself, “Keep it fresh, J-Law. Take it to the people.” With that in mind I ask you: what would you want a workshop presentation about diversity to include? What is missing when you attend panels on this subject? Please post your suggestions in the comments below.

And remember, it can be anything. I dropped some hardcore cold water on the writers my first time there with troubling facts and trends in the publishing industry, and they still had me back to make another presentation last year. Thank you in advance for any and all contributions on this matter.

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