Obligatory Women in Horror Post

Here is a brilliant response to my recent blog on women and horror, which delves far more deeply into the vast and interconnected issues surrounding the subject. Why? 1) The author provides historical context, along with links to facts and figures. 2) The author has actual experience being a woman, unlike me mouthing off safely from the sidelines. So please do give this intense article a read.

Kriscinda Lee Everitt

WmarriageCFact: I never dreaded the month of February until it became Women in Horror Month. I dread it because it’s like taking all the bullshit women have to deal with generally throughout the year and magnifying it a thousand times in the area that, to us, is supposed to be a safe space. While it’s nice to see the many posts featuring women and what they’re doing in horror, it’s impossible not to be irritated by the fact that this only happens one month out of the year, and then inevitably, there’s conflict. And, again, nothing new here, except that when it happens during this particular month, it becomes intolerable (more so than usual). And frankly, I’m usually so exhausted by the constant year ’round outrage regarding my gender that by the time February rolls around, I just can’t. Not even.

But I’m going to say something this year. This…

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