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The Kindle editions of Sick: An Anthology of Illness and Truth in Ruins will be on sale for a limited time. During the next day and a half you can purchase the books at just $.99 each, after which the cost will gradually rise to the regular price over the course of the next week through Amazon’s Kindle Countdown program. Want more info about these titles? Read below…


Here the pen is not merely mightier than the sword; it is a plague heralding the apocalypse for convention, writing a dirge for complacency. Sick is an anthology compiled by editor John Edward Lawson. Themes explored are physical, mental, and societal in nature. These sick stories are horrendous, hilarious, and stupefying dissections of creative minds on the scalpel’s edge.

“Sick is just that–sick; a madman’s demented fever-dream. Sometimes funny. Sometimes horrifying. Always engaging. This is dark fiction on the edge.”
-Brian Keene, author of The Rising, Terminal and Fear of Gravity

“Now I ask you, with so much going on in the world today and horrors revealed daily on the evening news, is it still possible to shock the apathetic and indifferent? After reading this book all I can sum up is, “Hell Yes”! In fact, let me back up that statement with the admission that I was physically ill not once but twice during my visit into this world. This is not your typical run-of-the-mill scare here kiddies. In an arena created with mayhem and anarchy, Lawson makes sure to not only make you tremble with fear; he’s going to make you beg to be released.Bringing together a stellar collection of writers to assist him, Lawson annihilates the standard.”

“Stories by Harold Jaffe, Greg Beatty, Earl Javorsky, Brandi Bell, Kevin L. Donihe and satan165 (hilarious stuff) all display the combination of inventiveness and professionalism needed for success in this gray area of prose. Many of the other authors show outright genius…readers will be floored by it and think it a monstrous leap forward…and appreciate the breathtaking, exhilarating and often diabolical machinations of the human mind.”
—Absinthe Literary Review

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Through a series of dark bizarro adventures Truth in Ruins chronicles the world’s dying gasps. Sneak into the space where flesh is erased and sanity unspools, where casual brutality rules and hilarity ensues. Here flesh is as malleable as one’s morals, everyone is a serial killer, and one must always keep a shotgun at the ready to fend off trolls and kobalds. You have been warned…

“Truth in Ruins by John Lawson was more enjoyable and exciting for me, though perhaps I’m biased by my fascination with ethical apocalypses and human atavism in all its forms. Really exciting stuff that could be very appealing to crossover audiences.”
-Garret Cook, author of Murderland and Archelon Ranch

“John Edward Lawson’s Truth in Ruins is a violent look at sex, death, and survival in a post-Apocalyptic America, one part Sarah Kane and one part Film Noir.”
-JoSelle Vanderhooft for The Pedestal Magazine

“John Edward Lawson’s Truth in Ruins is one of the most hyperbolic entries in the entire anthology. In Lawson’s grim future humanity is divided into serial killers and profilers, with genetically engineered ‘Humanzees’ poised to take over after humanity’s failure. It’s self-consciously, cartoonishly, uber-violent, and narrative chunks are jammed together in ways that emphasize their incongruities, like a movie made of nothing but jump cuts. I sort of liked it, although I had to skim over some stomach-turning bits.”
Needs More Demons or Not?

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