Missing Person: Brian Shoopman

Brian Shoopman is pictured on your right.

[The following text is copied and pasted from the FB profile of Gary Braunbeck]


This is me, Gary, not a dubious copy-and-pasted piece from elsewhere on FB.

In the photos below you will see a large, bearded, slightly balding gentleman. His name is Brian Shoopman. I have known him for over a decade. I have not been able to get in touch with him for 10 days. He was supposed to be here in Ohio at my front door 48 hours ago. I have been unable to reach him by phone, voicemail, text, or Skype for these past 10 days. This is extremely out of character for him — the man is almost always connected somehow. His FB page has been nuked so any new contact information is now in the ether.

He lives in Brownsburg, Indiana. I have been and remain in contact with the police there (who have been exceptionally helpful and considerate, thank you, sincerely, Brownsburg, P.D.) and they’ve done a welfare check at my behest but could not locate him.

Brian has been dealing with depression a lot lately. Sunday will mark the second anniversary of his very close friend Renae Allgire‘s death — she died in his house while he was there and he had to wait with the body for nearly an hour before people arrived to take her away — and he was barely out of the woods of grief over that when his dog (and only company) Gambit died a couple of months ago.

Believe me when I tell you this: this is wrong. Something is seriously not right. Brian NEVER fails to answer voicemail, texts, FaceTime, or Skype video chat requests, NEVER.

If anyone in the Brownsburg/Indianapolis area has seen him in the last 10 days please let me know by posting here (https://www.facebook.com/gary.braunbeck/posts/10153084345541654). I am terribly worried about my friend.

Brian Shoopman pictured front and center.
Brian Shoopman pictured front and center.

* * *

In In my own personal experience: I met Brian at Mo*Con, although we had previously been in contact online. I was friends with Renae on Facebook and she always had such nice things to say about my family, was generous and encouraging, and you can find those same traits in Brian. He has been a consistent supporter of mine, and has a great sense of humor. If he is out there somewhere in need of help please do let either Gary, or somebody in the Indiana horror writers community, know. Thank you!