The Great Novel Contest 2015 (and a Cover Contest!)

novelcontestRaw Dog Screaming Press is pleased to announce our participation in Columbia Creative Cooperative’s Great Novel Contest. First and second place winners will receive $1,000 and $500 respectively. The posted contest requirements are as follows:

“We are accepting an original novel or narrative non-fiction manuscript, such as a memoir, that is previously unpublished. Previously self-published novels will not be accepted. Manuscripts by more than one author will be accepted, but should be submitted only once under the name of a single author (submitting author must have permission from all contributors).

No graphic novels, children’s books, or erotica please. Novel word length is from 50,000 to 125,000. We’re sorry, but we can not accept submissions that exceed 125,000 words, no exceptions.

Young adult manuscripts will not be considered, but manuscripts with cross-over audiences are accepted.

Book manuscript entries must be submitted electronically in doc, docx,or PDF format using Columbus Creative Cooperative’s Novel Contest form. Please carefully follow all directions. Each page of the manuscript is to be numbered with the title in the footer with no other identifying information of the author.

Please do not send hard (printed) copies.”

For more information please visit:

In other news, Mr. Wicker by Maria Alexander continues to make waves, this time via the cover art supplied by Ryan Rice. The Quillery is holding a contest for Best Debut Cover, and we could use your assistance in the voting. Don’t worry–you don’t need to sign up for anything in order to vote! Thanks for taking a look, Maria and Ryan appreciate it. You can vote at