RDSP Writers Retreat: The Daily Nightmare Report

Sunset-at-RDSP-Retreat-1024x469The Raw Dog Screaming Press Writers Retreat may be over, but the awesomeness is still being felt. We were the luckiest hosts around to have such a great crew assembled all in one place. One of the many great experiences afforded us by organizing this retreat was the opportunity to meet the Leaches. They are not only talented writers with impressive skills in other areas–including but not limited to home brewed mead and operating Why Not Pie–they are fantastic people as well. Judging by the above photo of Bourbon Ridge they aren’t slackers in the photography department either!

Please take a few minutes to read the comprehensive retreat report they wrote for The Daily Nightmare at http://dailynightmare.com/2014/12/08/raw-dog-screaming-writers-retreat/.