In the Final Stretch!

Good news, folks! Your generosity has put us within $15 of reaching our GoFundMe campaign goal. We are all touched by your support, and excited to know that you have made it possible to host an author free of charge at our writing retreat this weekend.

Or, I should say: almost made it possible. That final $15 is crucial, and every donation helps…no matter how small! Additionally we have set forth some stretch goals just in case we receive even more money than we are asking for. These goals are designed to make the experience so much more rewarding for writing retreat participants, including but not limited to:

  • Better-than-gas-station-quality toilet paper.
  • Pillow mints for that personal touch.
  • Blood red pens with which to desecrate the manuscripts authors want evaluated.
  • Permission to run indoors.
  • A bowl full of only green M&Ms.
  • Heebies without the jeebies.

But seriously, we actually will be able to spring for some extras for the authors over the weekend if indeed we do exceed our target, particularly in the area of meal planning. Why are we doing all of this? Why is it important? Watch the above video by retreat participant Emory B. Pueschel to find out.

Thank you for reading, sharing, or donating–and be on the lookout for my next blog post: “My White Guilt is Bigger Than Yours, or: That Time I Actually Made a Guy Join the KKK.” Peace!