Donate to Help Authors

RDSPteamI frequently post about travel grants for writers, assistance for attending retreats and workshops, and so forth, but guess what? Now WE are the ones hosting a writing retreat, and we need your help! See, we want to offer a free room to some of the attending authors. Remember my recent post about the Raw Dog Screaming Press writing retreat at the Bourbon Ridge Lodge? Most of the rooms are full–from established, award-winning professionals to new writers–but we always aim to bring along as many people as possible when we do things. Why shouldn’t authors have access to a supportive environment, without interruptions, without having to worry about meals? Why shouldn’t they be able to just concentrate on their craft? Well…money. That’s where you come into the picture. By donating even a small amount you make a huge difference. There isn’t much time left to contribute, but our target goal is very low. And, with the current donations, it is almost within reach meaning this really can happen! But only with your help. If you cannot afford to assist at this time maybe you could share the GoFundMe link? You never know who might be able to help a deserving writer out. Thank you!

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