Discouraging at Best in the Bizarre Book Club

discouragingMadeleine Swann, author of The Filing Cabinet of Doom, recently reviewed my collection Discouraging at Best, saying: “This is an intriguing, sometimes confusing, sometimes funny, occasionally disturbing stream-of-consciousness story that highlights the author’s concern with the state of the world, including its views on violence and race.

It’s a barrage in the shape of a narrative but one I feel is worth reading rather than just a simple lecture. It’s unusual and interestingly presented, and it might just tickle your brain.”

For more, including reviews of three other bizarro titles, please visit Swann’s blog at http://madeleineswann.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/bizarre-book-club-11-a-love-letter-to-louise-brooks-pulp-lovecraft-and-clowns-in-the-attic/.