Post NaNoWriMo Editing & Writing Retreat

thedog-redIf you’re like me you require a comfortable, relaxed space in which to edit your masterpiece. Now that we are in the throes of National Novel Writing Month an awful lot of us are going to need an awful lot of editing space in just a few short weeks. Why not try the remote and luxurious writing and editing retreat offered by RDSP’s editorial team at Bourbon Ridge Lodge? The cost includes your room and meals for the weekend, plus unlimited access to all the amenities–such as a hot tub, rec room with pool table, theater room, and much more! Need inspiration from time to time? The Bourbon Ridge Lodge is nestled among hiking trails, caves, waterfalls, and other scenic attractions nearby. Take this opportunity to forge your NaNoWriMo work into a polished manuscript while bouncing ideas off the RDSP editors and authors but hurry as space is limited! For more information, and payment options, visit