AZULE Writer Residency


A beautiful place with so much to discover, wonderful architecture with rustic accommodations and great people. Hot Springs is 7 miles away; Asheville is 50 miles away. AZULE, as an emerging art and community-based organization, is developing a retreat and residency program for artists and craftsmen, writers, architects, builders and environmentalists, academics, educators, social workers or researchers, or anyone who wish to enjoy Appalachia and Azule way of life or wishes to get involved. Following our mission we are encouraging collaborations between residents. We will promote the work of Cultural workers, organizers and artists in our newsletter and may arrange a public presentation or community meeting according to your needs.


The architecture has been created by Camille Shafer, using harvested or reused materials with traditional techniques. With the help of many others the place has been – and still is – shaped into a work of art. AZULE is meant to be a permanent work-in-progress, comfort and amenities are getting better. Plan to be amazed but do not expect luxury. Every floor is basically – if not always comfortably – accessible.

THE UPSTAIRS includes three units:

– “The Blue Waves unit”, a bedroom with a single and a double bed

– “The Loft Bed unit”, a double bed on a loft and a study room with a very large light table

– “The Dorm unit” for up to eight people

Also upstairs are:

– A full bath and a half bath

– The “Dance Room” large enough for exercising, yoga, dance and theatre rehearsals, visual or performative art classes or lectures and presentations. Can be used as a visual art studio as well.

– A small sunroom is presently not available for residents

THE MAIN FLOOR includes various spaces that are not separated by full walls.

– A very large room called “The Library”, can be used as a workroom or a meeting/conference room for up to twenty five people

– A basic office for AZULE and residents

– A kitchen, shared between residents, provides all necessary utensils and some basic items like salt, spices, oil, paper towels, etc

– A dining area

– A study or reading room

– A special sitting/rest area, which may also be a bed for single or double occupancy

– A half bath and an accessible half bath; (an accessible shower soon to be ready.)

– A control room and a music room are presently not available for residents.

THE LOWER LEVEL sinks into the earth on the north side but is at the ground level on the south side. It includes:

– A large main room (which receives broad daylight) with a stage. There is an acoustic piano and an old set of drums. This Lower Level seems to be the favorite place for painters and printmakers. It is also used for workshops and special events

– A half bath

– Other storage place and a darkroom are presently off limits for residents

THE BARN has been consolidated and offers primitive camping on its deck as well as a great view. It is also used for specific workshops

THE GULLEY is a wonderful place to enjoy spring water, rocks and the recovery of a Native landscape.

OTHER BUILDINGS and THE LAND can be explored by all, except the “Old Workshop”.


– A Mac computer is available. It has Photoshop and Final Cut Pro

– Wi-Fi is available. Internet is provided. However it is limited. Steaming is only unlimited between midnight and 8am.

– Cellular phones work all at Azule, but maybe not everywhere on the road to Azule. A shared landline is also available for residents. No international call.


A weekly fee covers a unit, a studio area, shared bathrooms and kitchen.

– A full week at “The Blue Waves unit” is $280 for one person. A $50 per extra person may be added, up to three people total.

– A full week at “The Loft Bed unit” is $280 for one person. A $50 per extra person may be added, up to two people total.

– A full week at “The Dorm unit is $400 for up to four persons. A $50 per extra person may be added, up to eight people total.

There is a sliding scale for a long weekend at AZULE, depending on the number of people and other factors from $250 to $600. Call us.

We also offer short Residencies from Monday 2pm to Friday noon.

– A 4 weekday stay at “The Blue Waves unit” is $185 for one person. A $50 per extra person may be added, up to three people total.

– A 4 weekday stay at “The Loft Bed unit” is $185 for one person. A $50 per extra person may be added, up to two people total.

A 4 weekday stay at “The Dorm unit is $250 for up to four persons. A $50 per extra person may be added, up to eight people total.

Unregistered guests may be welcome, but need to call beforehand for availability. Cost varies from $25 to $50 a night.

A sponsorship program is being developed to help selected artists with financial needs to come to AZULE. As a 501c(3) organization, we may be able to help you to apply for a small grant. We encourage collaborations and once you are selected we may propose you to be part of specific projects that are developed at least a year in advance.


– Your sheets, towels and a flashlight. We provide blankets but feel free to bring sleeping bags in the winter

– Warm clothes for every season. Azule is in the mountains,

– Items for your own cooking or plan to drive to Hot Springs (small convenient stores), Marshall (one or two large grocery stores) or Asheville (everything you may imagine). We provide basic things like spices, oil & vinegar, teas, …

– Make sure you fill up your gas tank in Asheville or another city. Gasoline costs more in the mountains.

– In the summer months, do not forget you are in the mountains and may need to bring insect repellent.


Upon arrival you will be given a tour of the place and a run through of our general rules, including recycling procedures, and the phone numbers you may need for emergency. Special needs of your work as well as in-kind work (if part of your contract) will be established at this time.


Weeding is always welcome and gardening is a work in progress that can always use attention. There is also a whole lot of cleaning tasks. Please ask. Feel free also to film and record stories of the place.

If you need more information on any of our programs,

call Gwylene at 843-607-5811

To schedule a visit of AZULE, call Camille at 828-622-3533 or Lynda at 828-622-7433


Apply at