Hear Me On Surreal Sermons

460>_9995499The Surreal Sermons podcast episode 23 is now live, featuring a slew of great authors interviewed by the talented Jeremy Maddux. Industrial music fans will catch the significance of this episode number and realize it is must listen material! We discussed recent events like the Bizarro Across America Tour and DogCon, the origins of Raw Dog Screaming Press, and my latest releases (Devil Entendre, Paramourn, Tempting Disaster) among other things.

Here is the summary as posted by Jeremy:

Segment 1: Grace Krilanovich Interview (The Orange Eats Creeps).

Segment 2: Jason Wayne Allen chat about his forthcoming book, Ichthyic in the Afterglow and an update on Amphetamine Dirge, Barbie Doll People and other projects as well as finally discovering happiness.

Segment 3: Gabe Durham Interview about Boss Fight Books and his own position on the neverending Gamergate controversy.

Segment 4: Recorded reading of Grunt by Edward Morris, followed by an interview with Edward Morris, host of the Hour That Stretches.

Segment 5: John Edward Lawson Interview (Raw Dog Screaming Press, Discouraging at Best).

Catch more of the Surreal Sermons podcast at http://jeremy-maddux-9.podomatic.com/.