Devil Entendre Published!

Devil Entendre book cover

My horror themed collection Devil Entendre has finally been released. This book collects short stories and novelettes published over the last dozen years centered around the theme of corruption, with a few unpublished works thrown in as a bonus. From the back of the book:

“This collection of horror stories asks: are there moments in your past you ignore…pretend never happened…moments you hide from yourself and others? What if the only thing imbuing our past with a sense of dread and terror is the fact that our future is based on it? And every evil incident has given the devil a foothold to step inside and make himself at home in our hearts. Be it a secret vice, a childhood trauma, or disturbing holiday traditions, Devil Entendre is a Petri dish in which the dark moments of our lives are allowed to evolve unencumbered.”

Not only is Devil Entendre available in Kindle format, but if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime you can read the book for free. Another freebie for those in reading groups is the downloadable reading guide which can be accessed at

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