AIMA Retreat in Turkey

AIMA Retreat offers artists, writers and all creative individuals a peaceful, inspiring atmosphere directly on the sea where they can begin, pursue or accomplish their work. They welcome people of all ages and nationalities, and at all stages of their professional development.

AIMA’s aim is to encourage artistic exploration, nurture creative thought, and create bonds between diverse thinkers. Among the main ideals of AIMA, is to create a field of cultural influence by taking small steps, to create an environment where all residents may have the opportunity to think and broaden their cultural perspectives via art.

Technical information:

The main floor consists of a large living room which can be used as a small concert space with 65 seats capacity; an office where 3 people can work; a large terrace and a big garden and cafe on the sea. A permanent staff member is responsible for the building’s maintenance and also responsible for helping the AIMA Project Coordination team during residencies and activities. The building also has phone, fax, Cable internet, wi-fi, computer, printer facilities. An LCD TV, a projector, a music player, 2 baby grand pianos, 2 upright pianos and 2 electric pianos and musica stands are also available for use.

Studio information:

Writers, poets, actors, musicians can use any room in the residency as working space.There are 3 large and independent halls giving possibility for individual and group practice. The huge garden, terrace and the quay also used for practice.

Accommodation information:

The estate comprises a 450 square meter footprint with a huge Mediterranean style garden and a quay right by the sea. The Academy Café is also established by the quay and giving service. The 3 story building comprises 6 studios, 2 single and 4 double. There are 2 bathrooms and 2 WC’s. There is one ensuite bathroom in the bedrooms. 12 people accommodate at once. There are 3 large and independent halls giving possibility for individual and group practice.

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