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About the Book

Kenrick Brimley, the state prison’s official gigolo, hangs over a lava pit on trial for his life in a strange land. He will reveal the course of his life one misguided step at a time for his captors. From his romance with serial arsonist Leena Manasseh to his lurid angst-affair with a lesbian music diva, from his ascendance as unlikely pop icon to otherworldly encounters, the one constant truth is that he’s got no clue what he’s doing. As unrelenting as it is original, Last Burn in Hell is John Edward Lawson at his most scorching intensity, serving up sexy satire and postmodern pulp with his trademark day-glow prose. The Director’s Cut includes: deleted scenes, alternate ending, photo stills, remastering for more enjoyable viewing, and more!

What People Are Saying About Last Burn in Hell:

“I like writers who say things that you’re not supposed to say, and Lawson’s fiction is exhilarating in its anarchic rebelliousness—obscene, crude, sacrilegious, and explosively intelligent.”

Last Burn in Hell is an exceptional creature as far as books go…Lawson is an exception to the business of comparison in that his voice is a worthwhile addition to the chorus of authors following the trend most prominently presented in Palahniuk’s body of work. An earnest, but wry honesty in writing, exploring the paradoxes of our contemporary American society.”
—Scott Lefebvre for Icons of Fright

“John Edward Lawson is very much a man of ideas (one need only read his poetry to understand that), and Last Burn in Hell: Director’s Cut shows that not only is he constantly coming up with new ones, but he is also unlikely to run out of them anytime soon…it would very likely appeal to fans of The World According to Garp, and it deserves that large and diverse audience.”
—Somebody Dies

“This Last Burn in Hell burns with the humor and intensity of hell. From hereon forth, I will not be able to bring up Vonnegut without speaking of Lawson. John Edward Lawson could contest the throne that Chuck Palahniuk sits upon with the masses of college students looking for something different, a voice of the counter-culture.”

“Without a doubt, John Edward Lawson is what Friedrich Nietzsche would have called an “Ubermensch” (“overman,” or “superman”) of the written word. Last Burn in Hell is a nonstop romp in a bizarre world of a man who has one of the best, and at the same time, worst jobs possible. His landscape is fresh, his strokes are perfect, and the final product is a wonderfully mastered piece of bizarro fiction that will leave you enthralled.”
—Midwest Book Review

“In Last Burn in Hell, John Edward Lawson takes us on an insane trip where predicting what happens next is virtually impossible. This book draws the reader in right from the beginning and continues to be laugh-out-loud funny and nightmarishly scary to the very end… It ranks right up there with other bizarro cult classics like Satan Burger.”
—The Swallow’s Tail

“A nice literary feat, disturbing, amusing and always entertaining. I have read a lot of Lawson’s short fiction before, and hope his full-length novel is the first of many. I already miss Kenrick and the bizarre crowd he runs with, as well as Lawson’s social satire and criticism and his quick wit and clever puns, his erotic descriptions and his hip hop lunacy. A wonderful first novel. Let’s hope the rest of the series is as well done and takes us more into Kenrick’s bizarre world, and gives us more of Lawson’s hilarious, deadly accurate social and cultural commentary.”

“You should read this book. It’s fun and entertaining as hell. The fact that it says ‘Director’s Cut’ should clue you in to the fact that it flows like a movie albeit one with some weird twists and turns. The set-up is original; the characters are original and/or humorously based on real-type people. This is a ‘bizarro’ book that you shouldn’t miss.”
—Jordan Krall, author of Squid Pulp Blues

“Okay–forget for a second that John Edward Lawson is a fantastic writer. Forget that he’s assisted in the pioneering of fringe and unusual literature. Forget, too, that his fiction is capable of making you physically recoil in horror one second and eliciting uncontrollable laughter from you the next. For a second, despite all that, let’s focus on this book.

The story of a gigilo in a women’s prison–when it was originally published, it had everything you’d think such a story would have. Here, the ‘Director’s Cut,’ plays out like a special edition DVD, replete with bonus scenes, behind-the-scenes, alternate endings, and even a soundtrack (that probably WON’T play in your CD player). Lawson has taken creativity to a whole new level, insisting that the publishing industry as a whole stand up and take notice. The George Orwell of our time, John Lawson illuminates the new direction of fiction…then punches it square in the face.”
—Ronald Damien Malfi, author of The Floating Staircase and Snow

“John Edward Lawson plays a persona of a chemical=anthropoid’s death.”
—Kenji Siratori, author of Blood Electric

“A hip picaresque novel of the kind recommended by William Burroughs.”
—Steve Beard, author of Digital Leatherette

“A crazy, fun romp through prison sex psychosis!”
—Michael A. Arnzen, author of Play Dead

“Metaphysical, challenging, and outrageous…this book will get you laid!” —Humperdunk, professional athlete

“This $^&* takes hate-ism to new places.”—Dre-Coola of Down for the Count