Kindle Unlimited: The Horrible

The Horrible book coverI was not aware of the Kindle Unlimited launch two weeks ago, but I certainly am now that my sales figures are starting to trickle in. If you are not yet familiar with Kindle Unlimited the concept is essentially “Netflix for books”–something a few other companies have also attempted in the last 6 months. For $9.99 residents of the USA can read an unlimited amount of Kindle books with over 600,000 titles to choose from, including thousands of Audible audio books.

Limiting the customer base by not making the program available worldwide concerned me, at first, but allowing my titles to compete with 600,000 others instead of 6 million others has had an interesting effect:

horribleamazon2With no effort at all–without realizing it was even happening!–my poetry collection The Horrible has suddenly jumped up in the African American Poetry rankings, topped only by The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou and the latest from Nikki Giovanni. Despite having the best search engine around poetry is a tough sell on Amazon because, unlike fiction and nonfiction categories, you can’t list your books by subject matter, just by time period or ethnicity/gender. I can only surmise, then, that Kindle Unlimited is responsible for these recent sales figures.

So, if you already decided to pay $9.99 a month give my work a look since it won’t cost you anything. The same is true of reading The Horrible through Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library. Let us not forget there is still the option of, you know, just purchasing the book outright…perhaps such suggestions are too old fashioned, though. Will free samples from my poetry collection help you make your decision? If that is what it takes here are two for you:

Went Horribly Wrong

It takes a special
kind of good Samaritan
to sneak extra helpings
of flesh machines into
the bodies of the healthy,
bequeathing by knife point.
A Robin Hood of black
market organs, returning
his refrigerated surplus
to the masses, benign.

# # #

Carbon Dating Service

She finds me frozen in time
and sets me alight with her words,
freeing me and torturing me by turns,
distilling my blood to rock-candy bites.
She traces this sin-drenched confection
along her lips, leaving them charred
with the sticky-sweet trace of my scars.
This incomplete attempt at redemption
freeing me, and torturing me by turns.
She finds me frozen in time…

# # #

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