DogCon 3 Countdown #1

Author and editor JL Gribble
Author and editor JL Gribble

Will you be in the western Pennsylvania area this coming weekend, July 25-27? If so come to Confluence, Pittsburgh’s literary conference of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Confluence has been kind enough to host DogCon 3 (the annual gathering of Raw Dog Screaming Press) this year. This will give you a chance to meet author and editor J.L. Gribble!

Here is her schedule at Confluence:

  • Friday 6 pm My (Girlfriend, Mother, Sister) will Kick your Butt
  • Friday 8 pm RDSP Rapid Fire Reading
  • Saturday 10 am Writing Workshop with Matt Betts
  • Saturday 5 pm These Kids Today
  • Sunday 1 pm How Alien is too Alien

About J.L. Gribble

J. L. Gribble has been writing since middle school, once she realized that being an astronaut meant actually knowing something about science. She graduated from Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction program and works as a technical editor for the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (JRRD), where she has actually learned some science but still doesn’t want to be an astronaut. She lives in Maryland with her husband and three Siamese cats.

Currently, she is revising her thesis novel, Steel Victory, an urban fantasy/alternate history novel with touches of bildungsroman and political thriller. With vampires. And perhaps a were-badger or two.

In her limited free time, she plays video games and watches way too much Netflix.

About Far Worlds
edited by A.R. Aston, James Fadely, and J.L. Gribble

Passing world upon world, trillions of souls across the universe have witnessed it. But no one knows what the Drift Engine is. For adventurers, lovers, rebels, and ordinary folk alike, the Drift Engine’s presence has ranged from the spark that ignites global conflict to the source of comical calamity to nothing more than a curious footnote in history.

Herein lies almost two dozen adventures across the spectrum of speculative fiction, both short stories and flash fiction, inspired by the Drift Engine. What mark will the Drift Engine leave on you?

“Anomaly” by Jonathan Ward
“Rainer” by Heidi Ruby Miller
“The Lost and Found” by Kerri Fitzgerald
“Helzenthrax” by A. R. Aston
“City Blue” by Edward Smith
“Golden Planet” by Evan Purcell
“A Pelnodan Bounty” by James Fadeley
“Bequeathal” by K. Ceres Wright
“Salvation Comes” by Simon Farrow
“Endaris” by Michael J. Hollows
“Alone” by Alex Helm
“The War Room” by Michael Seese
“Shard of Heaven” by Damir Salkovic

Edited by A. R. Aston, James Fadeley, and J. L. Gribble
Illustrations and cover art by Manuel Mesones

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