PA Litfest Countdown: K. Ceres Wright


Representing Dog Star Books at the Pennsylvania Literary Festival will be cyberpunk thriller author K. Ceres Wright. Wright’s novel Cog received attention as one of 2013’s stand-out debut works. She will be appearing 6:30 p.m. Friday as part of the Far Worlds reading, and will be signing books all weekend long at the Dog Star Books/RDSP table. An insightful interview with the author is available at

About the Book

In a futuristic world where personalities can be downloaded at will, who’s a girl to trust?

The Ryder family is at the top of the corporate elite. Father Geren Ryder heads up a global wireless hologram company with his son, Wills Ryder, a capable second, while daughter, Nicholle, is curator at an art museum. But when a dark stranger shows up, it sets off a chain reaction that puts Geren into a mysterious coma while Wills disappears with $50 billion from the family business. Worse, Geren’s will specifies that he be taken off life support after fi ve days. Just as Nicholle is trying to pick up the pieces, she becomes the target of an assassin and has to go on the run.

With only a few days to save her father and keep the company from going under, Nicholle reaches back into the darkest part of her history, to the only person who could possibly help her. But the price is steep. Once she goes back, can she escape her past a second time?

What They’re Saying About Cog

“…at its core, Cog is a classic story of family dysfunction with some James Bond-esque thrills and rather groovy technology thrown in. But it is so much more…”—The Compulsive Reader

Cog has an interesting plot, believable characters, and is smoothly-written. What more could you ask from a debut novel?”
— Mike Resnick, Nebula and Hugo Award-winning author of 100+ novels, collections, anthologies and nonfiction books

Cog, the delightful new novel by K. Ceres Wright, combines fantastic characters and wonderful pacing with a cutting-edge futuristic setting. A wonderful read, Cog raises important questions about just where we, as a society, are heading. Ms. Wright’s unique and vibrant voice gives her story depth, poignancy, and humor. Highly recommended!”
—Rachael Pruitt, award-winning author of The Dragon’s Harp

“K. Ceres Wright has created a cyberpunk world of glittering vitality and characters who breathe life, love, and passion with every page of polished prose. Wright is a truly remarkable writer light years ahead of other fi rst-time novelists, and one whose future work is sure to be enjoyed.”
—Mary SanGiovanni, Author of The Hollower Trilogy and Thrall

“The author has done a good job creating a believable future society…”