Westermead Now Available In Kindle

westermeadAfter spending years as a Nook exclusive, Westermead by Scott Thomas is finally available in Kindle format. If you previously purchased this title in hardcover or paperback through Amazon you can download the Kindle edition for FREE through their Matchbook program! Or, if you’d like a sample, just go to the Amazon listing and click on “Look Inside.” Currently ranked on both the Folklore and Mythology bestseller lists at Amazon, see what Westermead is all about:

“The rushes rasp in ghost-fed breezes as seed-hungry finches chance the thistle’s fangs. The bracken has gone gold and brown, the brambles heavy with plump berries. The days, warm as brewed barley, are etched with frost beneath a rusty moon. Eerie effigies are set about to honor the dead, whom, as the year decays, are wont to roam the countryside.”

The ways of old merge with the magical and fantastic in this wondrous world. Experience Westermead’s thaw and awakening season by season, the lush heat of summer’s passion and the retreat into winter’s desolate embrace. Come celebrate and mourn with the people of Westermead as they make their way through a world steeped both in beauty and dread.

More than just a collection of tales, Westermead brings to life an enchanted country where the supernatural is as natural as the sunrise. Follow the intrepid documentarians, Purdy and Beech, on their hunt for the fearsome Frost Mare. Learn the secret of the stranger whose life little Melly saved in Four Bronze Sisters. Face The Mask of Black Tears alongside Mullein Wick while he fights for his sister’s release from servitude.

This new mythology is ripe with unique characters, spiced with folkways and mixed throughout with a deep respect for all things natural. Given storytelling this vibrant, it is both easy and thrilling to get lost in Thomas’ unique landscape.

The story “Four Bronze Sisters” from Westermead received an honorable mention in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2005.

More is available at http://www.amazon.com/Westermead-Collection-Tales-Scott-Thomas-ebook/dp/B00JBJJWHS/.