Grilled pizza — so good, so easy and so inexpensive

Did you know my aunt maintains a food blog? Check it out!


A nice neighbor gave us a huge box of North Carolina sweet potatoes as well as a huge package of sausage made from a hog he raised. So we were already halfway toward the Grilled Sweet Potato and Sausage Pizza recipe I’d saved from the Winston-Salem Journal for more than two years.

The other challenge, one I’d avoided for more years than that, was that this pizza was supposed to be grilled, something my friend, food blogger and griller extraordinaire Catherine Chapin Mayhew has been recommending for all that time.

I could see a pizza dough seeping through the grill grates like the ill-fated flounder fillets I’d told ours kids hosting a dinner party to marinate and grill. I could see toppings flying everywhere (obviously, I hadn’t read the instructions about when to flip and when to top).

But Chapin (I’ve been given grandfathered permission to call her by her…

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