Health Agent Special Sale

healthagentFor the next few days Jeffrey Thomas’ masterpiece Health Agent is on sale in Kindle format, starting at just a dollar! It increases a dollar per day after that.

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Punktown’s health agents are charged with keeping the public safe from infectious disease. Between inter-planetary travel, super-mutant strains of bacteria and criminal genetic manipulation they certainly keep busy.

But for health agent Montgomery Black work is about to consume his life. The problem is a highly contagious and extremely deadly STD, mutstav six-seventy and cases are showing up everywhere. While trying to prevent the spread of the disease Black could lose everything that’s important to him but there’s no ignoring the suspicion that something far more sinister than the impartial hand of nature is behind the spread of this epidemic.

Health Agent is a fine introduction to one of the weirdest yet most vividly rendered cities in the genre, a gritty melting pot of desire and despair, of the grotesque and the sublime, of love and dread… –Locus, November 2008

“Wild, weird, clever and brutal, Health Agent is a crazed ride into the heart of that bizarre reality known as Punktown. Jeffrey Thomas has a diabolical imagination and, thankfully, the talent to vent it through a unique and always engrossing voice. Think William Burroughs meets Clive Barker on a mescaline-drenched junket through one gothic-industrial hell and you get some small sense of the exam that this Health Agent is going to give you. Now turn your head and cough.” –Jack O’Connell, Author of Word Made Flesh

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