Never Go Back

DevilEntendreCoverI’m happy to announce my collected horror fiction will be released in 2014 as Devil Entendre. Due to contractual agreements it will be available in the library market for several months before finally hitting the stores. As for the contents, much of the book has seen publication in various magazines and anthologies over the last dozen years. However, there are some originals I held back specifically for this collection. The preliminary layout is done and the book is weighing in at 200 pages. As the bio says: I have been referred to as “the forgotten black man of horror.” Hopefully I won’t be forgotten after Devil Entendre drops!

In the immediate future, a release you don’t have to wait for: “Never Go Back” is the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack song of the day. More than that I drew inspiration for this song from the short story of the same title contained in Devil Entendre. So, everything in this post comes full circle AKA how you like me now? Please give “Never Go Back” a free listen at