Mouth Full of Ghosts!

I am lucky enough to have been interviewed by one of my favorite authors, Heather Fowler, for the literature resource Fictionaut. Before you read the interview–which is a fun romp through my mind!–please go investigate something far superior, like Heather’s recent collection This Time, While We’re Awake or People With Holes from the incredible Pink Narcissus Press. Yes, I’m slinging a lot of praise here, but these folks have earned it so don’t give me any lip! Ahem. Okay, so. Now. You ready? Take the plunge into my cerebral cortex at For life advice, writing advice, and how to make money while you sleep I again urge you to visit

And, for today’s song from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack, we have “Mouth Full of Ghosts.” One of my favorites. Yes, that’s probably getting old, but with 120 songs you’re allowed to have a dozen or so favorites, don’t you think? Please give “Mouth Full of Ghosts” a listen free of charge at