Pick of the Liquor

ParamournCoverSo I’m sitting around editing four more collections of my short fiction, and wondering: why? Why did I write and publish so much over the last decade and a half, and why didn’t I go about publishing the collections in a more timely fashion? You’d think that having four other collections under my belt already would be enough. Apparently I am an unmitigated egotist or some such. To the right we have a proposed mock-up for a rather “adult” collection of bizarre works titled Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances. No idea when or if this book will come out, yet I plug on regardless. Many of the stories feature characters from my similarly as-yet-unpublished novel Sin Conductor. There will be more information concerning these titles on the site shortly, and some free excerpts once I figure out Scribd. So: dunk your Vegan donuts in that almond milk, son!

In other news: the soundtrack for my work in progress Colors Made of Tears continues, tonight with the song “Pick of the Liquor.” I like the deceptively simple style of this one…try to count all the different sounds playing as you give it a free listen at https://bizarrowriter.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=1518.