Selling Out Fast!

Five titles in the RDSP hardcover sale are now out of stock in just a matter of, what, three days? Hardcover copies of my novel Last Burn in Hell and my collection Discouraging at Best are still on hand, though. Order them and I will 1) sign them, and 2) throw in a handwritten short story for you.

One of the books, Eyes Everywhere, was written by Matthew Warner who just had his third RDSP book published this month. I was lucky enough to spend yesterday attending his book launch at Stone Soup Books in Waynesboro, VA. The event was standing room only, and attended by a diverse and fascinating crowd. Matt’s talk about the origins of his new novel, Seventh Equinox, was also very interesting–I need to get back down to his home town so I can investigate all the sites he referenced, especially the caverns! RDSP has a ton of pics from the book launch at

To accompany your hardcover shopping spree why not listen to “At Large” from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack? It’s also great for cruising, crunking, and making your way down to the ring at pro wrestling engagements. You can listen free of charge at