Sublimity in Filth

RDSP rolls out the 2013 hardcover sale fleet.

If you missed the Raw Dog Screaming Press newsletter then you don’t know about the massive hardcover sale going on right now. In fact, a couple of the titles are already sold out! Never fear, my two hardcovers in the sale are still in stock at just $10 each, plus $2 shipping in the USA. How is RDSP making money on this sale? My guess is they’re not, they’re just making it rain books in the pre-holiday season for readers worldwide because, well, they can! So take advantage of it, will ya? I’ll even sign the books and throw in an original, handwritten story for you. Just go to for details. And to avoid missing precious sale hours in the future sign up to the RDSP newsletter at

PS: if you already own Discouraging at Best and Last Burn in Hell, then I strongly recommend Meat Puppet Cabaret, Fugue XXIX, and CPR for Dummies.

To augment your enjoyment of the hardcovers I suggest listening to “Sublimity in Filth” from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack. Give it a spin free of charge at