The Ghettosburg Address

So I was rear-ended by not one, but two cars today. As some of you know I spend 2-3 hours daily driving my son to and from school, and I often bemoan the fact I’m almost in an accident every single time. Bet some folks thought that was an exaggeration, but no: my surly mood every morning and afternoon has to do with nearly dying in high-speed collisions. Ironically today’s crash was at low speeds, due to the fact it occurred in a merge lane on the highway.

Oh, I should add my son and I are fine. Compared to the wreck that just about totalled my car this summer our incident today was nothing, and my son’s teachers were impressed with his stiff upper lip when we finally made it to school at almost 10 this morning. Despite the jarring impact we got away with only a fingertip-sized dent. The two cars behind us, though…one seemed to be just about destroyed, and the other suffered massive damage. The accident this summer was with a Lexus, today it was a Mercedes and a Mini Cooper. Why can’t I ever crash into an old Pinto or something? My bad luck has expensive tastes.

In a recent interview with me the (fabulous) author Heather Fowler asked what advice I had in general about life, about being a person, to which I said, “You will die, probably sooner than you think.” I urged people to contemplate what their regrets would be, then set about fixing things. Maybe I shouldn’t be doing a song a day and writing so many books, and publishing so many other authors and running around the country doing events, and so forth. There’s the school of thought that you should do one thing and do it well, take your time–you know the drill. Then there’s: I’ve watched too many people suffer and die, and have nearly been there myself too many times. Which begs the question why you’re siting here reading my words instead of setting out to cultivate your own secret hopes and desires?

Right, it’s because you’re waiting for today’s free song from the Colors Made of Tears soundtrack: “The Ghettosburg Address.” This is a song I’m particularly fond of and have been saving up, but I better get it out to the public now before another accident strikes. You can listen at